Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally!! A new kitchen floor!

We have lived in our house for almost 20 years.  A little background......we needed a house with a formal living room because I had acquired a sofa from my grandmother that I didn't want to store.

It's Oliver and Poogan's very place to rest!
The house was in dire need of updating, to my standards anyway.  I will have to dig out pics of all of that for a later post.  Anyway, with two teenage girls, we realized we needed more room and we didn't even use the living room.  What to do you say?  Well, here goes:  we changed the living room into the den, the den into a formal dining room, and the tiny dining room into a study, which is where the grandmother's sofa is now.  During that process, we also changed all the flooring from carpet to hardwoods.  All of this was done in a 5-6 year process.  (Lot's of other things were done as well....will show later.)  As for the poor kitchen, nothing had been done in there at all except for some painting over some horrific wallpaper with pink and purple hydrangeas (that refused to come off)....I can hear the ooohhh's now!!...and painting over very, very, very dark stained cabinets.  The floor in the kitchen, laundry room, and half bath had vinyl that must have been at least 25 years old. was pretty bad!  By the way, did you get the part about having two teenage girls earlier?  Do you know how expensive girls are?  That is why we didn't get to the kitchen floor until the last month or two.  That, and the fact I couldn't decide what I wanted.  I wanted hardwoods but I also wanted something lighter.  In the meantime, several years ago, I decided to take on a project of painting over my kitchen floor.  I loved it!

This is what the floor looked like after I painted.  Cute puppy!
Anyway, I had once found some hardwoods that had this very same pattern and color and decided that is what I wanted to use.  Once we decided to do the floor, I could no longer find that hardwood.  I was not happy.  (I didn't know about Pinterest and other methods to save the brand.)  After reading some blogs, I found a floor I could live with for awhile in case I changed my mind.  The Yellow Cape Cod had replaced her dining room floor with a floor from Sam's Club and it was perfect.  The next day, the hubs and I went to Sam's, looked at the Select Finish flooring and bought it.  It is not expensive, it has wide planks and it sounds like real hardwood when you walk on it.  We love it!

The hubs removing the shoe molding on the old floor
The first plank going down!

And here is the onto counter tops, appliances, hardware....does the list ever end???

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy this weather before the rains from Hurricane Isaac descend upon us!

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  1. Beautiful floors...such a great transformation..the kitchen looks so warm and cozy!!