Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Table Runner made to look like grain sack fabric

A month ago or so, we decided to put down a new kitchen floor and repaint the walls.  Well, you know what happens when you do need to change everything!  Well, almost everything....or at least add some things!

I was in HomeGoods looking around to see what they had and found a table runner that I fell in love with.  It resembled grain sack fabric - which, apparently, is all the rage right now.  I wanted it really badly, but decided to pick it up next time I was there.  Stupid me!  As most everyone knows, if you don't buy something when you see it at HomeGoods, it probably (won't!!) be there when you go back.  And guess what??  After going to two different stores....nowhere is the table runner to be found:-(  So, as I usually do, I decided to make one myself.  I found a blog that shows how to make your own grain sack table runner.  I knew how to make the runner, I just didn't know what kind of fabric.  Most everyone, was suggesting Muslin, but all the muslin I could find was too thin and really didn't look like grain sack.  As I was visiting my local Hancock Fabrics, I found some Osnaburg fabric that looks almost like the grain sack fabric that is so ridiculously expensive.  The Osnaburg was only $2.09/yard!!

With all of that being said, I will now pull out my Frog Tape, my red or black fabric paint (can't decide which color) and will make my own table runner.  I am very excited and will post pics once it is done!  Here is a pic of the fabric:
Osnaburg Fabric
And here is a pic of the inspiration I found at Pottery Barn:
(This one would cost $39 plus shipping and tax.  Mine will be around $6 since I only have to pay for the fabric.....I already have the Frog Tape and the paint.  I would say that is a good deal!)

Please visit the blog, Musings from a French Cottage to see pics of her table runner.  I hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon!

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  1. Hi!

    I just discovered this post and I wanted to thank you so much for linking to me. I will always remember making that runner while in early labor with our daughter {she arrived later that same evening}. It kept my mind busy and I still use it in the dining room today!

    Thanks again,